Amazon Seller Services

Amazon Store Setup

We can help you set up your Amazon Seller Store for success on the Amazon platform. We help new sellers get started as well as optimize current seller’s stores.

Websites for Amazon Sellers

Web Yeti will create a profitable website for your products off of Amazon. This will increase your brand’s credibility, while at the same time allowing your products to be sold outside of the Amazon platform.

SEO & Keyword

Not sure which keywords you should be targeting with your listings on Amazon? We’ve got you covered! We will do the research for your products and develop a keyword strategy to help your products rank better on Amazon.

Amazon Listing Services

If you have a group of products and need help listing them on Amazon, we will do this for you. If you already have products on Amazon and need your listings optimized to increase sales, we can help!

Website Design

Types of websites

We build all kinds of websites such as ecommerce, service based websites, landing pages, blogs and just about any other kind of site you can think of!

Mobile Phone Ready (Responsive)

You never have to worry about whether your site will work on mobile phones. Our websites are all mobile phone ready.

User Experience Testing

Web Yeti conducts direct user surveys and applies technical analytical tools, such as heat maps and behavioral analytics, to ensure your visitors get what they came for and have a great experience on your site.

Hosting Platforms

Based on your business’ needs, website performance needs, and your budget, we can make recommendations on the best hosting platform for your site. We can also set all of this up for you to remove the headache of having to figure out hosting providers and all of their options and features.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Plan

Web Yeti will develop a social media marketing plan made specifically for your target audience so that you can get the most out of your posts.

Social Media Posts

We will create posts and provide you with a weekly schedule so that you can see exactly what will be posted, when and through what social channel

Hashtag Optimization

Every post that we create for you will have hashtags carefully researched so that you can get the most interaction out of each post. In addition, we make sure to post at the best times for your target audience.

Targeted Paid Advertising Campaigns

Web Yeti can create and manage social media marketing campaigns for you. Facebook and Instagram for business provide incredibly granular insights into who is interacting with your ads to help us further define your target audience and increase your campaign success each time.

Branding and Design

Brand Strategy

We provide brand strategy services to ensure that the branding and design work we do for your business will achieve the results you’re looking for, and ideally surpass them. Brand strategy includes the clarifying core brand values, defining short and long term business goals, your business’ personality and more.

Logo Creation

Web Yeti will create a logo which fits your brand and connects with your audience. We take into account all aspects of how the logo will be used and the market that it is targeting when creating the logo.

Advertisement Design

Web Yeti’s advertisement design services include Google AdWords and other SEM / PPC ad creation, Facebook Ads design, Instagram Ads design, Twitter Ads design, Pinterest Ads design, Banner ads and more!

Other Graphic Design Services

The Web Yeti design team can also help with your other creative design needs, including Powerpoint presentations, Infographics, charts, graphs, Icons, Ebooks, letterheads, emails and more!


SEO Audit and Competitive Analysis

We start all of our SEO clients with a SEO audit of their site. This audit includes an analysis of how well your site and at least two of your top competitors rank in search engine results. We’ll provide a report to you that gives you high-level ideas on how your website can be improved to rank higher in search results, based on your business goals.

Onsite SEO Optimization

Onsite SEO involves both technical aspects of your website as well as what’s visible to users on the front end, such as menus, images, content, and more. A website that is structured well and coded properly on the backend will increase your odds of getting higher placements in search engines. we address all of these factors and more to increase the odds that your site will get top search engine rankings.

Offsite SEO Optimization

Search engines like Google look to external signals to gauge the quality of your content and its relevance to users’ search queries. Google considers a website that gets inbound links (also referred to as backlinks) from other important websites to be a high-quality site. We will ensure that your site’s offsite SEO is optimized so that you can get the best ranking possible on search engines.

Video SEO

After Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. So, optimizing the videos you post on YouTube so they’ll be discovered when users are looking for relevant content is critically important. The Web Yeti team can help with keyword research, creating titles for your videos that are optimized for search, as well as with search engine optimized video descriptions. In addition, we can help with the SEO of your YouTube channel itself.